NPR took a hard hit at the status of the 911 system in America today by calling out the inconsistencies with the current system versus what’s being demanded in the current age. In an article called “Why Send A Firetruck To Do An Ambulance’s Job?” NPR questions the Fire Service and why many cities send fire trucks to medical calls.

NPR notes that there are half as many ambulances as there are fire trucks in any given Fire-EMS combination department and goes on to explain that a fire truck does very little at the average EMS call. They can’t transport to the hospital which is the key function of an ambulance. Furthermore tax payers are starting to look at their wallets and think.

Does the fire service really need to go on the average EMS call? The answer is no. In most cases we don’t need more than a regular ambulance crew and unless you have a full blown code you really don’t need a ton of people milling around.

NPR does a good job explaining it’s argument stating that the EMS commonly see’s 20 times more 911 calls than the fire service does. The trend over the past decade has been for EMS to merge into the Fire Service but given the numbers does that make any sense? It sounds like the fire service should have merged into EMS.

With the world every changing should EMS be the kings and queens of 911? You be the judge. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think; and definitely check out NPR’s original argument. It’s definitely worth a read and debate to follow.