Brave Responders was founded in 2012 on Tumblr and quickly grew to be one of the largest EMS communities on the social network. We knew when it was time to move on and become something bigger. On April 2nd 2016 Brave Responders was taken and built into a larger website meant to incorporate the culture of EMS. We noticed that there were plenty of websites involving themselves in the career news of EMS, or the professional level required for the role, or even presenting themselves as medical journals. What we did not see was a resource for EMT’s and those who live the EMT LIFE. Career and Volunteer EMS in the end is the same thing and while sometimes they fight like step children the purpose of this site is unify, inspire, engage, and revel in what makes EMS something we love. Therefore our mission statement is this: Brave Responders is a site for EMS, by EMS, and dedicated to EMS. We celebrate EMS as a culture and mark it’s societal impacts.

Brave Responders is managed by a small team of volunteers who wish to make an impact. Our revenue from advertisements is minuscule and only goes to pay server bills at this point.