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Want to be a GHOST WRITER?

We appreciate anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to this website. We get it though. You don’t have time to dedicate yourself to writing on a website. You can’t meet a schedule or perhaps you do not want to. You have enough work on your plate as it is. We totally get that and that’s why this form exists. This form is for those who want to write articles but do not want to commit themselves to our writing staff. For those who want to write on the fly, see themselves published, and spread their opinion and information around. Feel free to send us what you’ve got with the form below but please read the instructions.

First, some rules must be laid down. The article submissions must be in English (we are an American website). They need to be at least 500 words long. Their topic must be on EMS. Please do not send us anything sexually explicit or inappropriate; if you wouldn’t share it in person with your department don’t assume you can share it here either. Articles submitted will be edited and reviewed; only the best will be published. Please use links sparingly.

Secondly, some instructions have to be laid out for the form below. We tried to organize the form and make it as easy as possible:

  • Your name must be a real name format. You can use an anonymous pen name if you wish. John Smith is acceptable. Fatmedic911 is not. Use discretion.
  • Your email is required for us to contact you. It will not be used in any other purpose nor will it be in your article. It will not be accessible by the public.
  • Your article title is your own. Make it creative but be appropriate.
  • Your article. You have two options here. This part covers the next TWO blanks. You can pick ONE of them to fill out. The first one is just a block of text. You can type or paste your article right into it. It will not remember formatting however so you’ll lose paragraphs, bold text, italics, etc. We’ll add these things in manually when we edit. Your second option is to paste a URL to where you uploaded your file to. Please use services like ZippyShare and paste in the download URL it gives you. Make sure your files are Microsoft Word files. These are files that end in .doc – send us an email if you need help.

That’s it. We will review submissions between 3-4 business days an edit where available. If your article is high quality we will publish it.