Mobile Apps

At the moment Brave Responders only has an application for ANDROID and at the moment we are hosting it. You have to buy into Google Play Market and unfortunately we don’t have the money to spend in that way. You’ll have to manually install the app onto your mobile device but luckily instructions are provided with the installation and it’s pretty easy. You will need a QR Code Reader to install the app and that can be found on the Play Store.

Scan the bar (QR) code below with your app. It’ll ask if you want to open the link. You do want this. It will download the .APK file to your device. This file is the application itself and when you select it it will download the file and install. It’s the same thing Google Play does but you don’t see what’s happening in the background (which you can here).

Just follow the instructions provided by the link and you’ll be fine. Feel free to email us if you need help. FYI the mobile version of the website looks identical…so it might not be worth the hassle. It’s up to your personal preference. Were giving you both options either way.

Screen shots: