If you would like to join our team send us an email using this contact form. Brave Responders is a EMS culture/life E-zine that was founded in 2012 on Tumblr and later brought to the internet as it’s own site in the early months of 2017.  At this time it is entirely staffed by volunteers who write content and keep the discussion going. The site makes no profit at this time. While we do have advertisements they earn less than a penny monthly. So this is a calling for all volunteer writers! Join us! Improve the EMS life!

Minimum qualifications:

  • Must be able to write in English.
  • Must be able to write at least one (1) article a week.
  • Must be an EMT/Medic (of any level). Other first responders will be considered.
  • Must be able to write at least 500 words per article.
  • Must be willing to subject their articles to editor via our editors.

Join Us now!